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This is charliepacefic . It's probably just what it sounds like!

This is a community for fanfiction that is strictly Charlie Pace. There will be challenges every so often that I (charlies_hoodie ) might submit in. But I ask that you don't vote for me and vote for the other members. There's more information in the "rules."

*Challenges are on hold as of 30 June 2008. I hope to start them again at another time.


#1 Although we have challenges, this isn't a community just for that. Feel free to post any other Charlie fanfic you have as well.

#2 Lets try to make this strictly fanfiction. No videos or icons, please. However, you may post links to your own communities. And you can post something as long as it's related. I'll let you know if I'm deleting something and why.

#3 Banners are allowed, but try to keep them at a reasonable size.

#4 Charlie does NOT have to be the central character in your story. In fact, he could even be dead and being thought about by other characters.

#5 I'm flexible. So any rating from "no rating" to NC-17 is allowed.

#6 NO Mary-Sues. Mary-Sues are female original characters that people add into fanfictions and tend to write these characters as themselves. These characters are usually flawless and amazing and perfect for the person the writer pairs them with. This doesn't mean you can't have original characters who are, say, redshirts on the beach and randomly contribute to something. Just try to keep them on the low.

#7 Any pairing with another Lost character is welcome. You could go as far as Charlie/Sarah. ;-)

#8 Slash is also welcome. Come on - everyone likes it.

#9 Please no crossovers. No Charlie/Cloverfield, Charlie/Lord of the Rings, Charlie/Gossip Girl, Charlie/At my house. You get the idea.

#10 Please no fanfiction with real people. Such as...a Dominic Monaghan and Henry Ian Cusick story. None of that, please.


(Challenges on hold, 30 June 2008)

-When I (charlies_hoodie ) post a fanfiction for a challenge, it will not be up for voting. I want other people to have a chance, and I wouldn't want people thinking I'm messing with the votes.

-Votes in the comment sections will be screened to avoid problems among other users.

-Two weeks are given to get in a story for each challenge. One full week for voting.

-The story you enter does NOT have to be new.

-There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

-PLEASE put the challenge title in the "tags" section. For example, if the challenge is: "Challenge #3: blah blah blah"...put "Challenge #3: blah blah blah" in the tag. This makes it easier for me to find.

-I may include banners to be distributed to winners. Nothing fancy though. Sorry!




Please let me know if you would like your community listed here.

Please link to charliepacefic ! Special thanks to sapphire_child for the lovely linking banners.


#1 Can I vote for my own story?
If you really, really think it deserves it...I don't have a problem with it.

#2 Can I vote for other stories even if my own story is submitted?

You'll be casting votes against your own story. That is, unless you vote FOR your story. But anyone can vote...even if you've entered in the challenge.

#3 How do you manage the voting?
All comments are screened to avoid any death threats and the like. Each person can vote for three different stories, and each of those stories gets one vote. I do this to (hopefully) avoid ties. But usually, there are three our four stellar stories that EVERYONE votes for and then it ends up as a tie anyway. If this happens, I'll hold another voting session for those tied entries.